The Hearts of the Father ​Outdoor Expeditions 


"A Camp for Boys in Foster-Care and Disadvantaged Homes."

The Hearts of the Father's emphasis is to gather boys and create memories. 

We pride ourselves in taking a holistic approach that is multidisciplinary, flexible, attached-centered, and challenging

Since 2015, we've seen close to 2,500 children of every race, color, and creed come to feel loved, receive affirmation and find a purpose for future events we have had boys come from all over the southwest United States.

In 2022, The Hearts of the Father has blazed a farther trail all the way to NW Arkansas, looking to network with foster care agencies and create more memories for some well-deserving boys. 

With locations in Houston, Tx, and NOW northwest Arkansas the opportunities are limitless.


“We were created for adventure"

— John Eldredge