Our Purpose

With approx 424,000 children in foster care, 52% of children are boys. Boys affected by foster care or living in a disadvantaged home are 7 times more likely to experience depression and 5 times more likely to experience anxiety. Many of these boys deal with self-esteem issues and often deal with emotional and behavioral disorders due to volatile living environments. Unstable lives and lack of affirmation often create a small box mentality many times offering a very limited outlook for potential advancement of life. Our purpose is to expand their outlook to a whole world that maybe be completely foreign to them...The Outdoors! 

By networking not only with adoption agencies and religious organizations but also with all levels of jurisdiction, celebrities, and athletes we can not only introduce children to the outdoors but also create avenues that can broaden their horizons for a bigger and brighter future.

We wholeheartedly believe our existence can help the social and emotional well-being of children that come from foster care and disadvantaged living situations. Through all the trauma, disappointments, and fear that they've gone through we want to show them a new way of adventure, a pastime that will never fail them, a friend that will be there forever. Nature is the greatest way to reset the body. Serotonin is a chemical produced by your body due to increased oxygen levels(due to being outdoors) that affect the brain, making you feel happier. In essence, simply outdoors helps cure behavioral and emotional disorders.