Define Single Parent - A single parent is a person who raises a child or children without a partner

Define Foster Child- a child (Boy) raised by someone who is not its natural or adoptive parent. 

The Hearts of the Father is like none other, from its inception in 2015 the cornerstone has been to create memories in the outdoors that will last a lifetime. Boy's from all over Texas have experienced this budding organization. Real life happens here. Boys whom have never seen their dad, estranged from an abusive father, only see's his dad on a weekend. A boy who has never known normal because he has bounced around from foster home to foster home and has no sense of family or even a newly fostered boy whose temporary family just got him and is looking for something to get him involved in REAL LIFE HAPPENS HERE

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: We are a Christian organization and invite boys from all walks of life who fit into our target audience dynamic.We will present the Gospel in a very relevant way.We don't go by a script but we dig deep in Hearts and expose the false hope and lies that many boys have been given and replace it with true hope and promise that Jesus brings and mix in an authentic outdoor experience. We are not a cookie cutter status quo kum by ya social club.We often are the only place where a boy can be himself in a safe,structured environment where he can come and tear walls down and receive guidance,knowledge,wisdom and fun

OUR PROGRAMS: Are specifically designed to expose your boy to the outdoors promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future.

Our overnight camping events will teach boys the basic aspects of camping such as setting up a tent,gathering wood and making a fire,learning about different plants and insects ,how to fish, taught about proper gun safety and will get to replicate instruction through a structured rifle range with rifle instructors. Camping allows boys to create new friends,learn teamwork and face fears,we create a judgement free environment that allows them to be on a level playing field that allows them to be vulnerable with there hurts and fears.

Our fishing events teaches boys about preparation,patience and guidance to instruction. We teach them about different species of fish, what type of fish live in which body of water,fish behavior,what lures work for certain fish, how to rig a fishing pole,how to cast and how to reel.We have will have stations for strategically teach boys how to catch certain fish and then they will put instruction to action.

WHO ARE WE: Our Pro Staff are Husbands, Fathers, Mothers, Uncles,Pro Anglers, Pro Athletes. People from all cultures, races and ethnic groups. People who look different, are older and younger but all have experience and a love for all aspects of the Outdoors.All our pro staff members have been vetted(background check and gone through classes for dealing with youth)